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Causeway Cabinet

Causeway’s Cabinet is made from the Head boy/girl and deputy head boys/girls of the school. Within the cabinet the students choose an area of school that they would like to oversee and run as a voice for all of the students. The areas that the students oversee are: Student Voice, Teaching and Learning, Positive Behaviour, Site and Environment, Rigour and Assessment and Extension and Enrichment. During the year the cabinet hold meetings with the school’s Senior Leadership Team and ambassadors from the four different houses, who have also been placed into one of the grouped areas. The meetings comprise of the ideas and thoughts of the students around school, as to how they feel the school could be improved and made better in relation to the specific areas. The information and ideas from these meetings is then acted upon by the cabinet and either taken forward to the Head Teacher or driven forward for change, to ensure that the student body and voice at Causeway School is listened to and acted upon. The Cabinet also spend time, being trained within their positions, and part of this training includes going to The Houses of Parliament to learn about the make up of cabinets and how they work, so that they can implement this understanding throughout the roles within Causeway School. Head Boy/Girl

Nurturing good student leaders is an important element of The Causeway School’s practice. Senior students are encouraged to take greater responsibility and to contribute positively both to the school and wider community. In our democratic process, children apply in writing for the role of Head Boy or Head Girl. Children who reach the shortlist present their case to the whole school, then children and staff across the whole Causeway Schools community vote for their preferred candidates.

Deputy Head Boy/Girl At The Causeway School, the deputy head boys/girls are students who work to create a link between teachers and students, supports the head boy/girl and senior students, is an integral part of the school cabinet and takes an active role in school events and activities.

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