Post 16 Transition Information

Causeway students are encouraged to have high aspirations and are made aware of the wide range of Further Education College and/or Apprenticeships/Traineeships available to them.  Causeway works closely with many Post 16 providers, who all offer a vast range of courses covering varying levels of complexity, from BTEC vocational courses, to ‘A’ Levels.

Students access Post 16 Information, Advice and Guidance via our Careers Lead and

Post 16 Co-ordinator on site, in addition to curriculum delivery via ‘SPHERE’ (PSHE) lessons across year groups; including Tutor Time delivery for our Year 11 students.

Post 16 providers are invited to host Assemblies during Term 1 and Term 2, in order to offer our students as wide a range as possible of Further Education opportunities.  These coincide timely with Year 11 Further Education Applications, to support choices being made.

Causeway School also promotes Higher Education routes, via close relationships with both Sussex & Brighton Universities, via their ‘Widening Participation Outreach Team Projects’.  These enable staff, and Student Ambassadors from each University to visit our school, and work with our students on site, in addition to providing opportunities for Causeway students to visit University campus sites directly.

For those students who are less sure about their ‘next steps journey’ after school, additional support is provided through ‘YES’, (Youth Employability Service), who support students continually throughout the academic year, offering group work sessions, and one-to-one support, which includes assistance, such as accompanying students to College interviews.

Key Dates

Term 1 Year 11 Scholarship Evening
  Year 11 Post 16 Further Education Evening
  Further Education providers present Assemblies
  Post 16 Applications are made, currently via UCAS Progress
  Colleges host their Open Evenings and Open Days
Term 2 Further Education provider Assemblies continue
  Colleges continue hosting Open Evenings and Open Days
  Further Education Applications continue, and interviews commence
  Year 11 Mock Exams
Term 3 Further Education interviews continue
  Year 11 Mock Exams
  College Interviews continue
Term 4  Conditional place offers are made to students from Post 16 providers and offers accepted
  Year 11 Post 16 Further Education Evening
  Year 11 Mock Exams
Term 5  Additional intervention and revision sessions made available to Year 11
  GCSE’s commence mid-May
Term 6 GCSE exams continue

For further advice and information regarding Post 16 opportunities and preparation, please contact our Careers Lead, Mrs Victoria Jenkins or our Post 16 Co-ordinator, Mrs Stephanie Newton


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