Message from Head of School: Please note the school is now closed. Causeway Reception is currently closed but all messages will be checked during the week. However, if the message is urgent please email and someone will contact you as soon as possible.


School Uniform

For more specific guidance about what the school deems appropriate legwear and footwear, please see  Uniform Policy 2017-18

All school uniform can be purchased

Compulsory Items

Year 7

Boys – Blazer, Jumper, House Tie , Black School Trousers

Girls – Blazer, Jumper, House Tie, Black School Trousers or Black School Skirt

Years 8, 9, 10 & 11

Boys – Blazer, Jumper, House Tie , Black Trousers

Girls – Blazer, Jumper, House Tie, Black Trousers or Skirt

Sports Kit

Compulsory Items 

PE Polo Shirts, PE Shorts 

Optional Items 

PE Sweatshirt – optional but no other top layer can be worn

PE Leggings

PE Track Bottoms


PE Bag

Backpack / Flight bag


Advance Notice – Uniform Changes for September 2018:

Students across the school will be expected to wear Causeway school trousers or skirts in September 2018.  The rationale behind this change is to ensure high standards permeate the whole school, we would prefer our conversations to be based on progress and achievement rather than the appropriateness of dress.   All school uniform can be purchased


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