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Revision Guides Year 10 & Year 11

The following revision guides are available through the school reception.


  • GCSE English: Exam Board AQA (£3.00)
  • Unforeseen Poetry (£3.00)
  • GCSE English: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (£3.00)
  • GCSE English: Lord of the Flies (£3.00)
  • GCSE English: Macbeth (£3.00)
  • GCSE English AQA: English Language (£3.00)



  • GCSE Edexcel Mathematics: Grade 9-1 Course – Higher Level (£3.00)
  • GCSE Edexcel Mathematics: Grade 9-1 Course – Foundation Level (£3.00)


Science (Please Note we have now moved from AQA to OCR for Science)

  • GCSE Biology Exam Board: OCR (£3.00)
  • GCSE Physics Exam Board: OCR (£3.00)
  • GCSE Chemistry Exam Board: OCR (£3.00)
  • GCSE Combined Science Exam Board OCR – Foundation (£5.50)
  • GCSE Combined Science Exam Board OCR – Higher (£5.50)



  • GCSE Geography AQA A: Specification (£3.00)



  • GCSE History AQA B: Modern word History (£3.50)



  • BTEC First Sport – Study and exam practice with CD-ROM (Costs £3.50 due to CD Rom)


Computer Science

  • Computer Science (£3.00) (NEW)



  • Spanish Revision Guide (£3.00)


Students can purchase these books during break and lunchtimes or parents may come to reception at anytime to purchase.

Other revision materials not sold in school but available from online retailers:




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