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Leaders of Tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Leaders of Tomorrow!

On 8th June, Causeway School announced its Student Leadership Team following a hotly contested school-wide vote to determine who should lead the student body.

A year-long drive to ensure students at Causeway feel an enhanced sense of ownership and pride for their school culminated in a week-long series of speeches before voting took place. Competition was fierce with a high proportion of year 10 students vying for less than a dozen roles. The final votes were counted last Friday and the winners announced.

“The process was nerve-wracking, but I’m so glad I took part!” reported Sam Strath, Deputy Head Boy; with Chloe Fly, elected Student Champion, adding: “I would never have been able to stand up in the staff room and assembly and present in year 7, but now I have the confidence to speak publicly and I want to help develop that confidence in others.”

Huge congratulations to Blaiz Hardy and Alice Stuckey, who were awarded the title of Head Boy and Head Girl respectively; Sam Strath and Jasmine Lambert, for receiving the title of Deputy Head Boy and Girl; Alicia Depper, Katie Welling, Adam Filshie and Jack Dudley for being voted in as Teaching and Learning Champions; Chloe Fly, Yasmine Hughes and Reece Pickard for their role as Student Champions; and, finally, Rachel Wheeler, Emily Wright, Keaton Sampson and Fayed Miah for being elected as Sports Captains.

With each of the students being provided with job descriptions and performance targets, the school has high hopes for the Student Leadership Team going forward. Headteacher Liza Leung reflected that: “This constitutes an exceptional group of students, who represent the very best of an increasingly civically-minded student body. We at Causeway are very proud of what they have and will achieve.”

In the context of a rapidly improving school, high hopes abound for a generation of young leaders keen to build on and introduce further positive changes. The first Student Council Meeting is due to take place next month; watch this space!