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British Library Trip to London

Wednesday, January 23, 2019
British Library Trip to London

On Tuesday 22nd January a group of Year 10 and 11s visited the British Library in London. The British Library houses over 200,000,000 (yes - two hundred million items) and is of course one of, if not the, leading research libraries in the world.

The Library staff were very welcoming and provided tours, workshops and facilities. Our visit began in the Treasures of the British Library exhibition Students undertook directed activities investigating texts. Needless to say, the collection houses one text of astonishing importance after another. I was reminded of the end scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark when a warehouse containing all the great treasures from the whole of mans' history is depicted. Here we had The Sultan's Gold Koran next to First Folio of Shakespeare next to John Lennon's original lyrics to Hard Day's Night, scrawled on the back of his son's birthday card. The oldest surviving translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek was done in Egypt in the 4th century: here it is, open in front of you, a veteran of 1700 years...

Causeway students behaved with exemplary courtesy and good manners throughout the day and hopefully will have gained an insight into a wider world of learning and literature beyond the confines of the school walls. A big thank you to Ms Dench and Ms Cameron for supporting on the trip.

Mr Hill, Head of English