Literacy Across the Curriculum

Literacy is of the utmost importance to all teachers and students at The Causeway School. Literate children are those that can communicate purposefully and appropriately; they can read for meaning and for pleasure, they can write clearly and for a specific audience and they can speak Standard English. Research continually demonstrates that children who have confidence in Literacy perform well in all of their subjects at school and achieve more highly once they leave school.

Activities to support Literacy:

·       Encourage reading both fiction and non-fiction at home, as widely and as frequently as possible

·       Ask your child about their reading; what do they like, how do they think the book will end, why?

·       Question your child on the meaning of unfamiliar words

In this section, you will also find lists of general as well as subject specific words that students sometimes have difficulty in spelling. Here are some strategies for how to help your child improve their spelling:

·       Look – cover – write – check. Look at the word spelt correctly, cover it, write it and then check if it is spelt correctly.

·       Sound out the syllables: eg. multiplication = mul – tip – lic – a – tion.

·       Use sayings or mnemonics eg. ‘There’s a rat in separate’.


Coordination Group Publications (CGP) produce useful revision guides and workbooks on all subjects. The following will help with Literacy:

KS3: CGP Literacy Strategy Books 1-3

KS4: CGP Functional Skills English


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