Hazel Court


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Hazel Court School is an LEA maintained Special School for pupils with severe learning difficulties/complex needs. The school’s co-location with Causeway offers inclusion opportunities between the two schools, which are many and varied. Here are just a few of the programmes enjoyed last year.

The Year 7 Inclusion Programme involves all Causeway School Year 7 pupils spending at least one day in a Hazel Court class. This has proved to be very popular with pupils from both schools, particularly in terms of developing communication skills.

Hazel Court pupils are always welcomed into the Causeway School’s timetabled lessons where they are fully supported by their staff, who adapt lessons appropriately if necessary, whilst the class work at their usual pace.

Causeway Year 8 volunteers run a lunch time leader programme, to encourage and support games and play in Hazel Court, whilst having fun and making new friends.

Pupils from both schools provide representation on each other’s Pupil Councils.

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Hazel Court School classes are always pleased to provide work placements for Causeway School pupils who may be hoping to follow a career in childcare.


We entered a joint team into the ‘Fieldfare Challenge’, a national outdoor adventure competition based on problem solving. Our teamwork was fantastic!