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Posted: March 18, 2013

Staff Contact List




Contact Email Address

Tutor Group

Mr G W Payne




Mrs L Cook


PA to the Headteacher K1

Miss E Warner


PA to the Headteacher


Mr L Homer


Deputy Headteacher


Ms K Smith


Ast Headteacher /

Head of Churchill


Miss S Doyle


Ast Headteacher /

 Head of Keller


Mrs V Jenkins



Ast Headteacher


Mr P Wenham


Ast Headteacher / 

Head of Pankhurst


Mr R Van den Berg

    Director of Business Development / Teacher of Mathematics C8

Mr S Casebourne

    Director of Keller House


Ms T Edwards

    Deputy Director of Keller House K9

Mrs K Ellingham


Dev Mentor for Keller House


Ms R Whitton


Director of Mathematics


Ms L McLeod


Director of Churchill House


Miss G Hart

    Dev Mentor for Churchill House C2

Mr G Beale


Head of Science B10

Mrs K Kovani


Head of Brunel House B1

Mr M Cherrill


Deputy Director of Brunel House B5

Mr N Martin


Deputy Director of Brunel House B12

Mrs L Milnes


Dev Mentor for Brunel House B10

Mrs S Clay

    Co Director of Pankhurst House P3

Mr R Hocking


Co Director of Pankhurst House P5

Mr M Finney

    Deputy Director of Pankhurst House P6

Miss E O'Donnell

    Dev Mentor of Pankhurst House P10

Mrs E Alexander

    Dirctor of Inclusion C7

Mrs E Starkey

    Deputy Director of Inclusion MC

Mrs H Rawlinson

    Deputy Director of Inclusion B6

Mr G Taggart


Reprographics Administration Assistant  

Mr A Steinschauer

    Inclusion Mentor C12

Miss S Dench

    Sanctuary Manager P2

Mrs A Waite

    Family Key Worker K6

Mrs J Kettlyes

    Senior Teaching Asst/Physical Disabilities P1

Mrs S Blake

    Finance Manager N/A

Mrs E Gardner

    Senior Personnel Officer P7

Mrs V Oliver

    SIMS / Office Manager B3

Mrs Z Sholl

    Admissions/Attendance Officer G3

Mr D Taggart


Network Administrator/

Senior Technician K12

Mr J Fowler

    Site Manager N/A

Mrs S Newton

    Learning Resource Centre Manager K8

Mrs S Shepherd

    Cover Manager/RFL Manager B12

Mr A Baxter

    Subject Leader Music P8

Mrs D Bedford

    Teaching Assistant B10

Mr E Blakeman

    Evening Site Supervisor N/A

Mr C Buchan

    Lead Teacher of Science B8

Mrs A Barrell

    Subject Leader Art P2

Ms E Carver-Prue

    Teacher of Drama P7

Mr J Castano

    Senior Teacher of Mathematics C6

Miss M Cavallin

    Subject Leader of Technology B7

Miss H Coweroy

    Teacher of Mathematics C5

Mr D Crowhurst

    Pupil Premium Mentor K2

Miss S Da Silva

    Teacher of Dance / Mentor P5

Mrs L Davies

    Technology Technician B6

Mr M Delamere

    HLTA Mathematics C4

Mr R Dyer

    Teacher of Science B1

Miss S Field

    Teacher of Mathematics C1

Mr J Ford

    Teaching Assistant B1

Miss A Frampton


    Teaching Assistant K2

Mr G Grinham


    Administration Assistant K7

Mrs A Gwilliam

    Lead Receptionist P3

Mrs C Hambling

    Teacher of Science B9

Mr A Harney

    Teacher of History C11

Mrs K Hitch

    Teacher of Business Studies N/A

Mrs K Holden

    Ast Examination Officer C3

Miss L Hughes

    Teaching Assistant P5

Mr C Kenward

    Cover Supervisor P9

Miss N Kirby

    Art Technician P11

Mr A Lea

    Teacher of Science B8

Miss C Leighton

    Teacher of Maths C1

Miss G Luffman

    Admin Assistant K4

Miss N Mackay

    Teaching Assistant C8

Miss E Marcos

    Subject Leader of Spanish K1

Mr D Mason

    Creative Art Technician P7

Mrs A Monaghan

    Teacher of Food Technology B3

Mrs E Oram

    Professionl Tutor K10

Mrs E Pavey

    Teacher of Geography C9

Mr A Payne

    Teacher of Geography C2

Miss W Payne

    Senior Science Technician B9

Mr N Peckham

    Cover Supervisor C3

Mr S Pelling

    Teaching Assistant C9

Mr F Pluess

    Teaching Assistant N/A

Mrs D Pomfrey

    Teaching Assistant MC

Mrs C Price

    Cover Supervisor K5

Mrs J Prior

    Teacher of Music P11

Mrs L Prodger

    Teacher of Textiles B2

Miss S Ramsey

    Teacher of PE P1

Mrs J Rich

    Finance Assistant N/A

Mr D Roberts

    Catering Manager N/A

Mr J Rodriguez

    Teacher of Spanish K3

Mr T Schofield

    Teacher of English K4

Miss E Scrivens

    Teaching Assistant C6

Mrs Y Sevette

    Data Officer B4

Mr R Shevels

    Health and Safety Coordinator N/A

Miss H Skidmore

    Teacher of English K2

Mrs K Stoddern

    Subject Leader of Geography C10

Mrs J Sukoco

    Teacher of English K12

Mr V Sukoco

    Technology Technician B5

Mrs W Sullivan

    Teaching Assistant K10

Miss V Townshend Stevens

    Cover Teacher P4

Miss L Treloar

    Teaching Assistant P6

Miss L Turton

    Lead Teacher Technology B4

Miss E Truman Lamb

    Teacher of Drama P10

Miss H Webb

    Teacher of English P2

Mr S Weller

    Cover Supervisor C11

Mrs N White

    Science Technician B7